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Drama scripts Malin kundang

In a village named Suka Maju there lived a young man that is mali, Who lived  with his mother,because her father had long died. One day Malin convey his desire to his mother to go wander into town.

Malin : "Mom, I want to go wander into town, who knows I can get jobs there
for our live".
Mother : "Are you sure son? Looking for jobs in big cities it is more difficult than looking for this works in our village”
Malin : "I'm sure Mom, please let me….! "
Mother : "Well if that's your desire, I admit."

The next morning Malin went to town to find work.
Places to place he went to, but no avail.
one day there are 2 snatcher who are planning something

The snacher 1: “Loot at that women!”
The snacher 2: “I think this bag full of money.”

Then,  malin  saw a beautiful woman was shopping at market. Suddenly the woman’s bag was mugged by a man.

Cahaya : "help…, snatcher!!!!! snatcher!!!!!"

Malin get help Cahaya

Malin: "Hi, you! do not disturb him! "
The snacher : “ dont interfere !”
Malin: "ok. let's fight! "
The snacher 1 : "Please bro, forgive me. . . "
Malin : "Damn you, how dare you just with a woman!"
The snacher 2: "Please bro... . Forgive me! "
Malin : "Come with me to the police!"

Then Malin brought the snatcher to the police station.

Cahaya : "Thank you’ve been helpful to me, for the expression of gratitude, will you come to my house first. . ?"
Malin : "Sure lady"
Cahaya : "Do not call me lady, my name is Cahaya."

In short, Malin arrived at Cahaya’s home and then met with her father and mother. Not long later, they married.
Not accidentally, the ship malin stopped in the village Suka Maju, where he and his mother lived. A relative see Malin trimmed and immediately proclaim to Malin’s Mother.

Neighbor : "Mom, mom .. Malin home mom, she trimmed in port! "
Mother : "Malin home?? Thank’s Uni for the report!" Alhamdulillah my son has get back (inside his hearth)
Neighbor : "Let Mom, we go there!"

Hearing that news, his mother
immediately went to the beach

Mother : "Malin, Malin (screaming), Malin my son, you're back son. Mom missed you. "

Ashamed to admit his mother, Malin was lying.

Malin : "Who are you? My mother is long dead!!! "
Mother : "It's your mother, son I gave birth and raise you, why do you like this??"
Malin : "No, you're not my mother, my mother had died."
Cahaya : "Is it true he's your mother Kang?? Then why do you not recognize him??"
Malin : "No! She is not my mother! (Her mother rushed to leave)

Then the mother crying sadly, and Malin leave away from the village immediately.

Mom : "Oh GOD, why my only son was like this? * I gave birth and raised him Ya ALLAH. Give him a reprimand, indeed He is the rebellious child!"

Suddenly in the middle of the journey, a storm came, the wind, the waves of the sea water rises, and the thunder grabs away, the ship also shaken.

Malin : "What is this?? The storm was so big"
Suddenly the thunder smashing at Malin’s body.
Malin : "Aaaaarrrrrggggghhhhh ... ... !!!!!!!!"
Instantly he became a rock ...

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